curriculum vitae

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I’m a 21 years old bachelor’s student in computer information systems at the Anhembi Morumbi University, working in the field since 2015, mainly with cloud computing solutions and software development. Computers and coding have been my main interest since the elementary school; my very first program was an online chat using batch scripts and a FTP server on a Windows XP machine (seriously).


(rivendel) junior infrastructure developer

sep, 2018 - present.

(rivendel) devops intern

feb, 2018 - aug, 2018 (7 months).

(alest) solutions engineer

nov, 2016 - apr, 2017 (6 months).

My role within the team was to sketch, develop and test case-specific solutions based on the needs of our customers. These solutions have ranged from custom made web services and mobile applications to the deployment and pipeline of workflow management softwares. I’ve taken part in three projects, namely, one online corporate university for a brazilian finance institution. As an agile, scrum-based team, we routinely worked alongside our customer’s analysts and project managers.

Key responsibilities:

  • Sprint planning and task complexity analysis;
  • Sketch and architecture of cloud-based custom solutions;
  • Service integrations via public APIs;
  • Web app development with Google AppMaker.

(alest) deployment engineer

mar, 2016 - oct, 2016 (8 months).

I’ve migrated over twenty medium-large businesses from on-premise, legacy and/or non-digital solutions to the cloud with G Suite, helping teams to work more efficiently, fastly and securely. In each transition to Google, I played a central role as an “Account Manager”, providing in depth support, transitioning legacy data with integrity, adapting workflows and ensuring a smooth and continuous adoption curve.

Key responsibilities:

  • Planning and running of G Suite deployments (medium-large businesses);
  • Account management of newly migrated customers;
  • Legacy data transitioning and workflow adaptations;
  • Customized routines, macros and applications with Google Apps Script.

(alest) technical support intern

mar, 2015 - feb, 2016 (1 year).

As a technical support intern, my biggest goal was to help our customers to take full advantage of the G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work) products, from the user experience to the technical aspects. During the same period, I have directly worked with small and medium business (1-99 employees), planning and running “Google deployments” (i.e., the G Suite deployment) and digital transformations from legacy systems or non-digital environments to the cloud.

Key responsibilities:

  • Customer technical support;
  • In loco trainings and workshops;
  • Planning and running of G Suite deployments (small-medium businesses);
  • Technical guides and tutorials aimed for customers.


(uam) bsc cis

jan, 2015 - dec, 2018.

An eight semester computer information systems bachelor course, with a forecast end to december of 2018. A broad-wide course that covers from the computer science foundations, to practical technology applications, levereging organizations and companies to obtain more efficiency and fastness in their processes and operations. Subjects goes from mathematics, calculus, software engineering and development to human resources, marketing, business and communications.

The university final paper was an one semester practical project, focused in business applications. Our team of four people presented to the panel of professores and coordinators a proof of concept of a cloud-based, RESTful service that provides a way for companies and truck drivers to negociate the details of load transportations, in a auction-like system, where the smalest bid wins the deal.

The unfinished version of the project’s REST API could be seen here.

(etec) it technician

jan, 2013 - jul, 2014.

A three semester technical course that focus in software architecture and development (from the basics of binary logic to web and desktop applications), relational databases and their management and overall system administration.

At the end of the course, each group (two to six people) developed a solution based on a real business case, presenting it to a panel of professors and other guests. Our project received the highest evaluation from it.

technical skills

(human) languages

  • pt-BR (Portuguese): Native speaker.
  • en-US (English): Reading, writing and speaking competence.

pet projects

I have a few pet projects I’ve been maintaining in my spare time since 2017 or so. Most of them are halfway finished. You can se some of them here.