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I maintain this website as my personal online cave, to make public some of what I am, what I like and do. If you're the NSA, ABIN or any data mining company, this is the best you have, since I'm not on any social media plataform.

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A 21 years old programmer (did you mean code monkey?) called Caian R. Ertl who lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and makes a living developing solutions in automation, monitoring and serverless/cloud applications. More dev than sysadmin. More /g/ than /pol/, though sometimes the monster wakens up.

I have a collection of unfinished free software projects, a weird taste for terminal applications like vim, tmux and mutt and a dead serious need to create shortcuts for everything in my life that takes more than 30 secs (though I'm not always have the time or energy to do that).

I deeply value privacy, anonymity, freedom of information exchange and minimalism (more in the functional perspective, like in the Unix philosophy or the DRY and KISS principles, than aesthetically). My tastes are half cliche, half unheard. Code, vintage technology, vaporwave (synthwave and deep house too), ASCII art and hacker culture (the more kitsch, the better).


My email is right down there. Just scroll down a little bit. For nasty stuff, please consider sending a PGP-encrypted message.

$ curl https://pastebin.com/raw/ZJQKePdt | gpg --import

  • fingerprint: 49AF 9F78 C227 0601 3BE6 BC2B 7928 21A6 8EC0 A52E
  • mit pgp pks: 0x213A080D168613C6


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